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Harry Marsh began his legal career with a short stint as a District Attorney/Prosecutor in the State of Ohio*. He later moved to North Carolina and began representing criminal defendants in Charlotte. Quickly, he transitioned to the Corporate world by representing local Charlotte Businesses. From contract formation to business litigation, Mr. Marsh handled all legal matters for companies both small and large. For two years, he held the position of Chief Corporate Counsel for a multi-million dollar corporation. After leaving this position, Mr. Marsh shifted focus to the residents of counties that touch Charlotte. He brings the attention to detail and vigorous defense associated with business litigation to the areas of foreclosure defense, family law and personal injury (among others). Mr. Marsh is a hands-on operator of his law firm. No case leaves this office without having been examined personally by himself. Mr. Marsh is an admitted federal Attorney in all districts of North Carolina and has readily practiced before the bankruptcy courts of this state.

Mr. Marsh believes that an Attorney should have broad and varied experiences in order to best serve his clients. It is impossible to advise of the consequences of bankruptcy, foreclosure, debt consolidation, real estate or any other field in law unless you understand how they interact with each other. All too often, you will hire an Attorney who will push you into their narrow field of expertise. A bankruptcy attorney will want you to file bankruptcy. A loan modification firm will want you to apply for a loan modification. A Realtor will want you to sell your house, and others will push you toward their specialty, or how they make money. Mr. Marsh prides himself on a broad spectrum of experiences and knowledge. He believes that he can counsel you toward what is best for your interests, rather than what makes him the most money. If bankruptcy is right for you: he can tell you about its advantages. If a loan modification is preferable, short sale or other action would create a better result for you: he can give this counsel.

If you have a messy divorce that involves money issues or criminal implications: he can give his experience to you. Having dealt with the Corporate world, he brings all of these money experiences to the table for your benefit. Additionally, Mr. Marsh does not believe in layers of contact between Clients and the Attorney. Be careful of the large law firms that pull you into long-term retainers, only for you to see that you will never again speak to the Attorney (only his secretary). At Harry Marsh Law, you will always have the cell phone of the Attorney primarily handling your case. Choose Harry Marsh Law and see the difference. * Harry Marsh is not a licensed Attorney in Ohio. He was granted special permission by the Ohio Supreme Court to be a district attorney for a period of time.

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Harry was extremely helpful. He answered questions I had regarding foreclosure and possible outcomes without taking me on as a client. His patience was outstanding and all my questions were answered in a very timely manner. I would recommend him to anyone needing real estate guidance and use him in the future for help with my next home purchase.
—Jasmine H


We left our first lawyer and went over to Harry close to our closing date. Our first lawyer didn't want to answer a few basic questions we had, and then he wanted to charge extra for answering the questions. Harry accomodated us in the short space of time we had left, answering all our questions, clearly and professionally. He also carried out all our additional requests. I would highly recommend Harry to anyone looking for a property lawyer.
—Grant Foster


Harry Marsh Law helped us close on our home on time & with ease. He is extremely knowledgeable & was willing to share his expertise to answer all of our questions! Would highly recommend!
—Colleen McCann


Harry is the most wonderful attorney with whom we work. He is extremely knowledgeable, and as investors, he knows exactly how to handle all of our questions and closings, and we never have any problems when he is handling our affairs. 5 stars for sure!!
—Gail Wetherell

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