4 Things Your Real Estate Lawyer Wishes You Knew

Real Estate Lawyer Working with a real estate lawyer is a valuable move to make, whether you are buying, selling, refinancing, purchasing an investment property, or moving forward with any type of transaction. A real estate lawyer can ultimately make all phases of your transaction go smoothly, so if you are buying or selling real estate in the near future, here are a few things you should know: 1. Don't wait—Your real estate lawyer should be involved from the very start-- not just when you have a problem. Your attorney can help you avoid expensive mistakes while buying a home or property and is a valuable resource to use at all stages of the transaction. 2. Remember attorneys and real estate agents can do different things—Your attorney is going to act like a referee, making sure everything involved with your transaction abides by the law. If you need help with a certain legal issue or advice, your attorney can provide guidance your agent may not be able to. 3. Sellers can benefit, too—Most people think real estate lawyers only help buyers. At the same time, an attorney can help sellers with many things during the selling process. 4. Attorneys do a lot of behind-the-scenes work—Your attorney may come back to you before a transaction and say everything looks fine. If this is the case, don't forget that a lot of work went into making sure you have peace of mind about your upcoming purchase or sale.